Membership Info

BECOMING A MEMBER OF southern lancaster county farmer-sportsmen’s ASSOCIATION (slcfsa)


General Membership:  Any adult person who is at least 18 years of age is eligible to apply for General Membership as long as they willingly subscribe to the objectives and purpose of SLCFSA as set forth in the SLCFSA Constitution, any signed membership agreement, and they are legally allowed to possess firearms.

Honorary Membership:  Granted to an individual whose actions have advanced the objectives and purposes of SLCFSA as set forth in the Constitution. Honorary membership shall consist of a life-time membership without payment of dues.

Application for Membership:


You can only join SLCFSA as a New Member in person at an orientation.

You can NOT join SLCFSA online.


It is for hard copy renewal and New Members ONLY. It is NOT for online renewal.

NEW membership forms and payments are not to be submitted and they will not be accepted until orientation day, in person.

Membership Orientation Sign up has started as of 12/1/2023. Please visit this link –

New Membership

*You must be at least 18 years old to apply for membership.

*There are three (3) 2024 orientation dates when you can apply for membership. (Listed below)

*Each orientation is limited to 150 persons who can apply for membership.

*Pre-registration is required, you can only register at this link –

*Registration begins on December 1st 2023 and ends when (450) persons have registered for   

  the orientation dates, or Friday April 5th if (450) registrations have not been filled.

*Registration will only ask for your name. It will be checked against a roster at orientation.

*You can register for any one (1) of the three (3) dates. You can only register for one (1) date.

*The registration site will shut down when (150) registrations have been entered for each date. 

   If the date you select will not accept your request try another date. When all (3) dates reach

   (150) registrations the registration site will become inactive.

*Those who do not have online access for registration, ask a friend or family member or you

   can use the public library system. Do not contact SLCFSA requesting that you be registered,

   you must register yourself using the online registration website.


Orientation takes place at 742 Hollow Road New Providence PA 17560.

New Member Fee:  $200 due at orientation – check or money order only.

Payable to SLCFSA.  NO CASH 


2024 Orientation dates:  Please arrive by 8:30am for a 9:00am start time.

  • Sunday, February 11th at 9am.
  • Saturday, March 9th at 9am.
  • Sunday, April 7th at 9am 

Membership Orientation Sign up has started as of 12/1/2023. Please visit this link –

Non-PA residents are welcome.  Why Sunday mornings?  This is the only mornings the ranges are closed, no shooting until noon on Sundays.  If on Saturday, the orientation will be held while the ranges are live and hearing protection will be required.  Hearing protection will be available for those not bringing any hearing protection.  You can access the SLCFSA Membership Form on the SLCFSA website and fill it out before orientation.  DO NOT MAIL THE FORM OR PAYMENT, you must present the form with payment at orientation.  There will also be forms at orientation for those who do not have access to a computer and/or a printer.


Parking is limited, try to carpool if coming as a group Please arrive by 8:30 a.m.  Orientation begins at 9:00 sharp and typically lasts for 2-3 hours. Part of orientation is touring the ranges, dress warm as it may be cold, snowing, and raining.


When you arrive, you will be asked your name to check the roster to confirm you have registered to attend that day’s orientation. ALL YOU MUST BRING WITH YOU IS A PICTURE ID AND PAYMENT. NO CASH OR CREDIT CARDS, CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY. If you do not bring a prefilled member form with you there will be forms available to fill out on site.


Sale items at orientation-separate cash/check/money order accepted, NO credit cards. Not to be combined with your New Member dues payment

Chamber Flags $1.00 (highly recommended)

Lanyards $1.00 (great for your gate access card)


You are considered a Prospective New Member until you are voted into membership at a General Membership Meeting following the orientation you attend.  General Membership Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month. You are not required to be present at the meeting, but it is encouraged.  If you are denied membership, you will be notified via a phone call and/or email and your dues will be refunded.  You will NOT be notified if you are voted in as a New Member. Check the club website bulletin board for notice that gate access cards are activated. Example: “Members who attended the February orientation your gate access card is now activated, and you have access to the facilities”. (And then a notice for Mar/Apr.)

Please note:  Gate access cards will be active 1-7 days after a member being voted in at a General Membership Meeting. You cannot join in the morning and use the facilities that day.


FIRST RESPONDERS applications. (Updated 8/27/23)

Active law enforcement, first responders, & active-duty military may join any time of the year outside of the normal orientation window. Please attempt to join on a regular orientation date if possible.

Procedure to join

 *Pick a day and time from the list below. Do NOT attend without a reservation.
*Date must be reserved at least two weeks in advance. Do NOT attend without a reservation made in advance.
*Reserve a date via email only at (you will get a confirmation reply email)
*State in your reservation email request the First Responder position you actively hold. Your full name and a phone number to be reached at.
*Bring a check or money order for $100.00 ($200.00 beginning 1/1/2024) and a picture ID. That is all you need to bring with you.
*Orientation takes place at the SLCFSA facilities at 742 Hollow Road, New Providence PA 17560.
*Orientation takes approximately one hour to complete and happens rain or shine.
*Orientation will NOT happen on a given date if there is no reservation for that date. Only when there is a confirmed reservation(s) will the Member Secretary be on-site for orientation

* You are not able to join and use the facilities that day. You must be voted in at the next General Membership meeting, the third Monday of each month.


Dates and times for First Responder New Member Orientation.
Each month January through December
1st Saturday at 9am
3rd Sunday at 9am
2nd and 4th Wednesday at 4pm


If you have any questions, email