Each round is $4 and consists of 25 shots.  Five shots from each position. On range, eye & ear protection is required at all times by both participants & observers.


  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Shotgun
  • Shells per 5-station rotation = 25 (5×5), you decide how many 5-station rotations

Fee: $4 per round

Juniors shoot free the first round and $2 the second; they must shoot two rounds.  Juniors must also be accompanied by an adult.




T (trap range). See the calendar below for dates and click for additional details. If none are listed, no events are currently scheduled.

Tuesdays weekly

Registration: Anytime from 3:00 p.m.
Shooting:  3pm-7:00 p.m. or later if people are still shooting
Duration: It’s up to you!  Once you start a rotation, it typically takes 20 minutes to shoot your 25 shells.

Each round is $4 and consist of 25 shots (5 shots from each position).




It’s very simple: any hit is a hit, a miss is a miss.  A shatter may be more satisfying than a nick, but they count the same.

On Tuesdays, keeping score really depends on whether you want to do it for yourself or not.

On Saturdays we shoot practice.




Hello, I am JD Taylor.  I have been involved with trap from a young age when I would go with my grandfather to different trap shoots and get to be the person who would push the button when “Pull” was requested.  Trap has come a long way since then, but the fun is still there.  Tuesday evenings are meant to be mostly for practice, shooting a total of 25 clay pigeons from five different positions along the 16-yard line.  Shooters are there to help the beginner if requested.  Please stop by some Tuesday evening!