We shoot 5 stages of static steel, 5 steel targets per stage, 5 times each, for a total of 125 shots.

Each stage is unique, in that the targets are different sizes and shapes, as well as hung at different heights and distances.

Each stage uniquely tests the shooter’s ability to navigate accurately among targets, as well as his or her judgment for best path.  Steel plates are painted white for visual evidence of a hit, but hearing the plates clang is the reward!




  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Any of the following:
    • .22 rifle (magazine-fed only)
    • .22 pistol
    • Open & stock centerfire pistols & revolvers
    • Pistol caliber carbines
    • 5 magazines per gun
    • 250 rounds per gun (125 count + 125 buffer)

$10 per gun




P1, P2, & P3 pistol ranges. See the calendar below for dates and click for additional details. If none are listed, no events are currently scheduled. Check back for updates for 2022.

Registration & new shooter briefing: 30 minutes before start

Duration: 3-4 hours




Each stage is shot 5 times (5 runs).  Our slowest time at each stage is thrown out; our 4 fastest times are combined for our stage score.

Penalties for missed shots or early starts are added to run time.

Our 5 stage scores are combined for our match score.  A group listing is emailed to participants a couple days after the event.